About Us

Coppell Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt rescue organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats primarily in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. We are a foster home organization that is run by volunteer staff. Rescued animals are kept in foster care until they find their forever homes, no matter how long that takes. We believe in treating foster animals as one of our family until they become a part of your family.


Our Story

Coppell Humane Society started in 1989 with a team of two women who went to a local shelter, took a few dogs to a neighborhood store parking lot and tried to get them adopted. If they were not adopted, then the women took them back to the shelter. CHS has grown quite a bit since then!

Today, our team is a network of foster homes and volunteers that rescue both cats and dogs. These animals are usually at high risk of euthanasia at the shelter due to rampant overcrowding and just need some more time. The rescued animals live in our homes where we can monitor their health and behavior to provide individualized medical attention and/or training. They stay in our program until adopted or they pass away. We love helping those companion animals find a safe and loving furever home.

Our mission is to serve homeless, needy companion animals in the Dallas- Ft. Worth metroplex and surrounding communities. We accomplish this through rescue, rehabilitation, and permanent placement in suitable homes; while striving to reduce their numbers through public education. Achievement of our mission depends on honoring, valuing, and supporting the efforts and contributions of our volunteers, donors and adopters.